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Terms and conditions

Introductory provisions

  • The operator of the Internet portal (hereinafter referred to as "Portal"), which is available on is Freelancer, ID 04217411, based at Zemědělská 1579/16, 160 00, Praha 6 - Dejvice (hereinafter referred to as "Provider").
  • "Advertiser" is individual, individual doing business or legal entity, who inserts real estate ads on the Portal.
  • Advertiser agrees with publishing of their real estate ads on the Portal for all users on the Internet, and also agrees with further distribution of this information or it's part to third parties for further publication, static analysis, archivation and market analysis.
  • "Own advertisement" is such offer, which was inserted by the Advertiser on the Portal with direct data input or by data export system.
  • "Downloaded advertisement" is such offer, which was found by a robot on the Internet, looking for publicly available real-estate offers to display preview of these offers in a given location. Preview will contain link of the original source and doesn't show all the available information. To obtain this information, User must go to the original source.

Limitation of Provider's Liability

  • Provider is not responsible for any published content on the Portal. Neither text, photographs, ad history or other information. Responsibility is solely on the author of this information.
  • The content of the Portal has only informative and non-binding character.
  • Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted system functionality, faultless operation and system security. It is in the Providers best interest to provider all services and functionality to all the Advertisers and Users in the best possible quality.

Final Provisions

  • All relations not regulated by these Conditions are governed by the valid laws of the Czech Republic, especially the Commercial code.
  • Operator reserves the right to inilaterally change these terms and conditions without prior notice or consent of the Advertiser or User.
  • All documents sent by post are considered delivered on the fifth day after their demonstrable sending, even if the other party refused to accept them, or they are stored at the post office and the other party did not pick them up.
  • These General Terms and Conditions come into force and effect on 19 March 2018.